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Drunken Ramblings...

Of a Sexual Dynamo

The One and Only, Cecilie
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I reject your reality and substitute my own! ~ Adam Savage (Mythbusters)

Cecilie is a 23 year old English major (and Culture and Media Studies minor) from Denmark. She likes books, chocolate and long walks on the beach. Actually, that's a blatant lie, she'd much rather spend the entire day hanging around in front of her computer, writing and reading smut. She’s terribly good at sleeping all day and staying up all night too.

She has become very fond of talking about herself in the third person when writing profiles. She finds that it makes her sound less self-absorbed. Which is probably a good thing, because her ego is at the same time incredibly big and stupidly frail.

She sees herself as a writer, even though her great literary adventures and achievements are mostly in the area of slash and crack fic.

She’s a Democrat, possibly. On social issues she’s a libertarian, but on economic issues she’s a socialist liberal, by American standards. Republicans wouldn’t like her very much. She’s a self-described political junkie and Daily Show addict. She will stay up for hours just to watch Anderson Cooper’s coverage of an insignificant primary election.

Jon Stewart is her imaginary husband. James May is her imaginary boyfriend. Tucker Carlson is her bitch (she keeps him tied up in her closet). She a very unhealthy sort of crush on James Carville, even though he's been pissing her off lately. She really ought to be seeking help.

She loves Top Gear, because stupidly gorgeous cinematography and cool cars go very well with ambiguously gay middle-aged men. Thanks to her involvement in this mad fandom, she has becomes somewhat of a Piers Morgan fangirl. She tries to keep quiet about that.

She has a dream that one day she’ll live in a huge house, filled with books, and she will be geeky and happy and whatever job she has ended up with, it will be just perfect for her.

She loves you all. Yeah, you there. She loves you.

silindro is her sister, and she lubs her evilness.

Slytherin means never having to say you're sorry

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